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My car was stolen in march and the police have yet not recovered it. They know

dawn76 started this conversation
My car was stolen in march and the police have yet not recovered it. They know who stold it but, havent cought him with it yet. Yesterday i got a call from the detective and they are going to go a head and press charges against the guy who stold it with eyewittness reports. This is good news that he wont due this to anyone else. But the bad news is i probobly will never see my car again and that is so hard. I am in desparate need for a vehicle so bad. Me and my two little girls 3 and 4 have know way around. As i just moved to south dakota in feb. i still dont no anyone yet. I have a son who is 19 and lives in NE he granduating high school on may 12 and im not able to go to his granduation and its so so hard. Im starting to get interviews for jobs ive applyed to but im so scared i wont be able to get my kids to daycare and work when i find a job. Bus fare cost 5 dollars one way so when the bus drops me off and i get back on it cost another 5 dollars. It is getting so exspensive to ride the bus anywhere. Please i need someones help....thank you thanks lesley
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dawn76   in reply to vistahelp
thank you and i will check
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hi dawn76, maybe you can start checking with car donation sites that operate in SD. They might be able to direct you to car charitable organization. Also, check http://www.freecharitycar...
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